Owner Representation

Embarking on the journey of any construction project requires the organization of many moving parts across the entire project lifecycle.  Cardinal’s most critical function as your trusted construction advisor is to carefully listen and understand your business objectives, and develop a customized execution strategy by creating strong links between the project’s scope, cost, schedule, quality and safety.  Our hands-on experience, technical know-how, and creative and innovative solutions are delivered under a structured platform of tight project controls and governance delivering exceptional value.

Our services will be customized for your specific project needs – with an example of services below:

Risk Management

  • Establish project communication and reporting
  • Coordinate site infrastructure and building design requirements
  • Provide support for design management
  • Manage project coordination meetings
  • Support alignment among all stakeholders
  • BIM & VDC strategy and approach
  • Procurement practices align with corporate policies
  • Corporate governance aligns with internal audit requirements
  • Contractor policies and processes support project requirements
  • Insurance requirements and gap analysis
  • Marketplace prequalification of contractors and vendors
  • Streamlined processes for stakeholder work flow
  • Commercial terms and conditions for all 3rd party agreements
  • Market impact analysis and for labor, material and equipment
  • Near term & long term risk based project assessments
  • Audit management
  • Risk-based approach to claims mitigation

Cost Management

  • Cost model & control estimate development and maintenance
  • Oversight of cost control and pay application processes
  • Cash flow and financial analysis tools
  • Management reserve development, analysis and forecasting
  • Review, monitor & approve cost expenditures during project life cycle
  • Develop value management opportunities
  • Support commercial negotiations
  • Develop and review levels of authority for cost expenditures
  • Develop and support change management process

Contract & Procurement Management

  • Develop RFP & prepare bid analysis for service providers
  • Negotiate commercial offerings with service providers
  • Support legal in contract negotiations with service providers
  • Define completion and turnover requirements
  • Develop procurement execution strategies
  • Align design deliverables with execution strategies
  • Review purchase orders and contracts for compliance
  • Support documentation reviews
  • Review and negotiate change events
  • Ensure adherence to service provider quality standards
  • Ensure EH&S compliance within project deliverables
  • Establish and manage internal approval processes

Schedule Management

  • Develop overall master schedule template
  • Outline and incorporate all stakeholder schedule expectations
  • Align engineering, procurement and construction activities
  • Incorporate all internal and external reviews
  • Incorporate all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Develop approach to start-up and system turnover
  • Critique schedule development and offer alternate approaches
  • Provide troubleshooting to mitigate schedule delays
  • Review bi-weekly productivity and percent complete
  • Monitor long lead deliveries to support schedule objectives
  • Review schedule planning and sequencing to ensure:
    • Safe work operations & highly productive installation
    • Maximize pre-fabrication & reduce trade stacking
    • Effective work sequence & quality of installation
    • Utility infrastructure readiness